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Weekend houses

`Kárpát-fa` weekend-houses


Lumber houses and wooden-structures mounted at Your place are produced on the base of original plans and projects. The execution of these buildings needs approximately 3-4 months, considering their size. These houses are constructed the same way as brick-houses, beginning with the grounding, and finishing with encasement. The façade of the buildings is made of frames, or wooden encasements. At houses projected on the base of framework can be mounted front lines just like on familiar houses. The wooden material mounted inside is treated before with substances facing mildew and other damaging organisms.


The rooftop is also a concept designed after the owner’s demands. The materials used (traditional tiles, concrete plates, shingle with bitumen) are chosen by the solicitant.


As inner encasement plasterboard and wainscoting can be chosen. Places with raised humidity (bath, shower, toilet) will gain a plasterboard encasement resisting humidity.


All kind of heating systems: fireplaces, caloric centers, and so on… Water installations (bath, kitchen, sauna) can be mounted without any problem fulfilling Your desires.

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