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Lumber house

Already in the oldest times men desired to improve his habitation, and his environment. At the same time with human evolution the residences developed as well: starting with caves in the Stone age, clay hovels, wooden-houses, stone-houses, houses constructed with bricks or reinforced concrete, managing to raise sky-scrapers with steel structures.

Wood is one of the oldest construction materials. The image of wooden-structures is often used in the Northern countries, in middle Europe, and even at us, in Transylvania. In the near past wooden


The advantages of wooden-houses

Wooden-houses have a remarkable thermal isolation, they assure a healthy micro-clime and an inner atmosphere. You do not need to face excessive heat or mildewed, cold and wet walls.

They are constructed rapidly, no matter what time of the year is. Regarding their static structure they have a bigger resistance in case of earthquakes.

The dimensions a


12 positive arguments to lumber constructions or wooden framework

1. Wood as construction material

Wood is an easy, multi-processing material. It has an immense resistance; it has no electrostatic charging, it does not emit rays. It isolates very efficiently the heat regarding its specific cellular structure. There are many types of wood, their origin offers various technical and optical modalities of use. It has an exceptional


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